Man arrested after outburst, 1 officer injured.

A man had an outburst in front of the government officials’ apartment on 22 April 2020 during the day. The Buriram Police Station received notification of a man acting out screaming with a knife in his hands. The people living in the building were terrified that he would decide to attack someone so they called the police for help. A group of officials went to inspect the area right away.


When police arrived, the 22-year-old man was walking around the building, going in and out of rooms on the 2nd floor. The man appeared to be acting strange, he was swinging his knife around like a samurai show. Officials contacted the man’s relative who was also living with him to come and calm him down at the building. When the relatives arrived, the man came down with a bag across his shoulders. Police faced the man and asked why he had the outburst along with a reason as to why he was swinging a knife around, and to inspect what was inside the bag.


The man denied the search and attempted to run away. As officials captured the man he kept on resisting and ended up injuring one of the officers but lucky, the cut was not deep. As officials held the man down and searched him they found a kitchen knife and a pack of Yaba pills, about 200 pills in total. Police took 30 minutes before they could put him in a police car and deliver him to the police station. While in the car, the suspect would not stop moving and shouting.


Credit: Khaosod


Noi the suspect’s relative, stated that the suspect asked to stay with Noi’s family and has been with them for about 2 weeks. The suspect had just lost his father and his mom went to live with her new boyfriend. Noi reveals that the suspect had been imprisoned in connection to drugs and had been out of jail for about a year. Noi felt sorry and wanted to give the suspect a chance and allowed him to stay in their home. Noi was not happy to hear that the suspect had returned to drugs.


FB Caption: The suspect was walking in and out of officials’ room while shouting and swinging a knife around.


Source: Khaosod