Man finds orange pearl on the beach worth millions.

A man from Nakhon Ratchasima Province was walking on the beach and discovered an orange pearl. The man revealed a spirit came into his dreams to give him good fortune. A Chinese businessman has offered to buy the orange pearl for at least 10 Million THB. The morning news on Channel 3 reported on 4 February 2021 that a villager in Koh Phet Sub-district, Hua Sai District. The villager found a pearl oyster and inside was an orange pearl almost the size of a 5 baht coin. He was later informed that this is a Melo pearl. A type of pearl that is very rare and valuable.


Credit: Kapook


Haschai Niyomdecha revealed that before he found the oysters there were many nights with strange dreams. An old man wearing white with a long beard told him to visit the beach there was a gift waiting for him. A few days ago, Haschai woke up from the same dream and headed to the beach. There he found 3 oyster pearls on the sand before taking them home. He decided to open the pearls on 30 January 2021. One of the oysters had a large orange pearl inside. Anon Niyomdeja stated that locals often find valuable objects on the same beach. Some have found perfume worth 70-80K and even ambergris from the sperm whale. Some villagers visit the beach every day just in case they get lucky. When Haschai first saw the orange pearl he thought it was a marble.


Credit: Kapook


Later he realized it was called a Melo marble, rare and expensive. A 20-gram Melo pearl was sold at auction in Hong Kong for 86 Million THB. The pearl found on the beach is 7.6 grams or equivalent to about 38 carats. Since the story went public 2 businessmen from Phang Nga Province contacted the family offering to buy the pearl for 1 Million and 5 Million THB. The family has denied both offers as they know it is worth much more. A Chinese businessman plans to visit the family and to check the authenticity of the mellow pearl. If it turns out to be real then he will be ready to offer at least 10 million THB.


Credit: Kapook


FB Caption: Haschai found a 7.6-gram Melo pearl on the beach. A 20-gram Melo pearl was sold at auction in Hong Kong for 86 Million THB.


Source: Channel 3, Kapook