Man fired for falling asleep at work but truth is he fainted.

A man fainted while working but another employee took a picture and sent it to the boss. As a result he was fired because the boss believed he was sleeping on work time. The man is now asking for justice and wants to know what he did to the person who photographed him. A tiktok user posted a video showing the employee fainting onto the ground. Another employee who works in the same department took a picture of him with his eyes closed instead of helping him. The picture was then sent to the boss that resulted in him losing the job. Khaosod News Team talked to Sri Tanalerd 22 years old on 10 September 2022. The incident took place in August inside a mall. 



Sri works as a mattress sales person and was working as usual on the day. The employee was cutting a 10 meter carpet and carried it 2 times for a customer. As he tried to stand up Sri felt lie he was going to faint. This is when another employee told him to sit down in the corner to rest for a while. Sri has insomnia and usually has to take pills to fall asleep. He fainted while sitting down and a manager woke him up 3-4 times. The manager asked why he was sleeping on the job. Sri replied he fainted after sitting down. The manager wrote him a warning and stated that he would be sent back to the head office with 3 warnings. 



When 17.00 arrived, Sri clocked out and went home as usual. At 21.00 Sri received a phone call from a sales in the company. The sales informed him a customer had made a complaint as they saw him sleeping. Sri was fired and will not be allowed to work at the same mall again. A friend later told Sri that it was not a customer but another employee who took the picture and sent it to the boss. Sri states “Why did they do this, if I fainted and die, wouldn’t they feel sorry for me? I wish they didn’t take a picture and came to ask why I was sleeping instead”. The employee has admitted to taking the picture and states it is not her job to ask what was wrong with Sri.



Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The employee sat on the ground and fainted but was fired from the job. 


Source: Khaosod