Man in motorbike accident warns helpers that he has Covid-19.

A man in a motorbike accident decided to warn good citizens not to come near him as he had Covid-19. He was also honest about his situation when the local rescue team arrived, this is good as there have been cases where people with Covid-19 have intentionally hid the fact that they have the virus. Hiding your illness is a big risk in spreading the virus to locals and officials who are helping them. The Satcha Phutthatham Foundation of Thailand in Kabin Buri District, Prachinburi Province posted about the incident stating “Thank you for not covering your information. 


Credit: Sawang Rescue


A Covid-19 case was injured on 1 August 2021 at 09.20 am. The Satcha Phutthatham Foundation received notification through the radio center about an accident on road no.304 connecting Kabin Buri to Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The accident location is near the Huay Krabok Bridge in Nadee District, Prachin Buri Province. The foundation’s radio station prepared a team to inspect the incident location. The team found a red motorbike on the road with a Rayong Province license plate. The motorbike had flipped over with 1 injured victim. He was bleeding with a deformed right leg and was in pain. He was conscious when the team found him. 



The victim informed the team that he was infected with Covid-19 and was traveling to recover from the virus at his hometown in Chaiyaphum Province but then the accident happened. Officials from related sectors have rescued the man. Volunteers who were working at the time, the foundation, and related officials thank everyone who helped in the incident”. Channel 3 News reported that the man yelled to good citizens who tried to help the man letting them know not to come near him as he had Covid-19. He informed them that he was traveling from Chonburi Province to his home for recovery. Because he did not hide the fact, team members wore PPE before delivering him to the hospital and took necessary safety precautions. 


Credit: Sawang Rescue


FB Caption: The man warned good citizens on the road to not come near him as he had Covid-19. 


Source: Sanook