Man joins election but was informed he already used his rights.

A man went to file a report with the police after he went to join the election but was informed he already came and used his right to vote. The man visited the Warin Chamrap Police Station in Ubon Ratchathani Province on 14 May 2023. The man stated someone had stolen his identity and used it to vote. The Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) stated he can file a report to investigate. Jakkrit 30 years old, a private shipping company employee filed a report on the case. He went to the local election location but someone had already signed his name on the paper. 



This person had already gone in and voted, all using his right to vote as a citizen of Thailand. He discovered that the village chief was the one who signed his name on the list of voters. The village chief then got the voting ballot and handed it to him. Jakkrit stated he doesn’t understand why officials have to sign for him when he is the person voting. Because of this, he also questions the honesty of the specific election location. Jakkrit decided to file a report with the police as evidence. 



Pinot Buddalee the head of the polling station stated Jakkrit had used his right and no such incident happened. The officer claims what Jakkrit described to have taken place is not true. Yurada Thongthanakun from the provincial ECT stated officials cannot sign on behalf of a voter. Jakkrit can file a report to the local ECT to start an investigation on the issue. What do you think about the incident? Do you believe Jakkrit is telling the truth about what happened and what is the appropriate response from related officials? 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The village chief had signed Jakkrit’s name and took the voting ballot before handing it to Jakkrit. 


Source: Khaosod