Man robs former boss with knife.

A man robbed his former boss using a knife. The victim realized who the robber was after looking at the security footage. The robber was fired less than a week before the robbery. Police Captain Tanyatida Priyothai from the Warin Chamrap Police Station in Ubon Ratchathani Province received notification of a robbery on 21 June 2023. The robber managed to get away with 10,000 THB. He escaped after committing the robbery on a motorbike. Police in the area were notified to help track him down but he managed to escape police. 



Wuttapong 36 years old, the son of a local store owner stated that he was on his phone at the cashier table when a man aged 25-30 years old came into the store. The man was wearing a long-sleeved red shirt, jeans, and a helmet and drove a Honda motorbike with no license plate. At first, he drove past the store but then made a U-turn and parked in front. The man walked in with a knife and walked straight to Wuttipong. The victim believed this was someone playing a prank on him. 



Then the man grabbed cash and coins from the store, placing them inside a plastic bucket. Wuttapong tried to step in the way but the robber started waving his knife around. He managed to collect around 10,000 THB from the store’s cashier. The robber then jumped on his motorbike and drove away. Police requested the store to view their security footage and the store realized the robber’s mannerisms seemed like an ex-employee named Kak. This employee had just been fired for a few days. Police went to the suspect’s home located only 2-3 kilometers from the store. Kak’s mother was home a revealed the suspect has not been home for weeks.


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