Man takes drug addict to rehab, will not accept donations.

A man helped a drug addict to rehab and will not accept donations from the public. The man has known the drug addict since they were children and can not stand to see his current condition. Boy, the good citizen revealed to Khaosod News after helping Few 23 years old. Few is a drug addict who let his addiction lead him to becoming homeless. Boy stated he had seen Few for a long time before he became addicted to drugs. They lived in the same area and started noticing Few acting strange and often throwing rocks on the road. Boy feels sorry for the man because he has watched him grow. Few has a family who decided not to help him and let him live outside alone. 


Boy stated we often help feed stray animals, so why can’t we help people who can’t take care of themselves too? Boy would bring food to Few every morning and in the evening if Boy was free. Boy did this for about 3 months before he decided to record videos. After uploading them to the internet other netizens wanted to help but Boy decided to not accept any donations. All the help going towards Few is directly from Boy’s pocket. Boy does not want to accept donations as people may believe he is using Few to find money or attention. 


Boy believes Few is not a bad person and he is not violent. Drugs is what has changed Few and he has potential to be a good person. Few always asks if Boy wants to share some of the food on their daily visits. Boy has sent Few into rehab at a hospital in Surat Thani Province. He went to visit Few a few times and Few is looking better with positive results. Boy does not expect Few to repay him in the future. He only wants to see Few live a normal life, even if he will never be the same again. Boy believes this will give him an opportunity to stop using drugs and live a better life. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Boy wants to give the man a new opportunity in life. 


Source: Khaosod