DIY phone charger results in 6 homes burned down.

A man needed to charge his phone but had no charger, the worst decision was for him to make his own phone charger. The cable was probably not his best work as it was done while he was on drugs. The charger started a fire that spread to 6 homes, over 10 Million THB in total damages. Police Captain Thanrida Priyothai from the Warin ChamRap Police Station in Ubon Ratchathani Province received notification of a fire in a village on 24 September 2023. Local firefighters, the rescue team, and other related officials went to the location.



When officials arrived, the fire had already reached 5 homes in the village. After 2 long hours, the fire was finally controlled. The fire took down the homes so quickly because these are old homes made from wood. In total, 5 homes were totally burned down while 1 was heavily damaged. Police arrested Theerawat 33 years old, the son of the homeowner where the fire started from. Theerawat admitted to police that he took 4 yaba pills and was listening to the radio when he decided to make a phone charger cable. He used old cables to make the charger as the phone he purchased didn’t come with a cable.



He plugged in the phone and placed it on a pile of clothing. When Theerawat started to fall asleep the fire started. He jumped up and started running outside. Neighbors tried to help put out the fire but it spread quickly since there was a lot of clothes underneath. The fire spread quickly to homes nearby. 6 homes were affected and 5 are totally burned down. Officials are investigating to find more evidence on the fire. Theerawat is facing charges against illegal drug use and more.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The suspect made a charging cable that ended up burning down 6 homes.

Credit: Khaosod