Miraculous escape for hatchback driver

IT is a lucky May Day for the driver of an orange hatchback as he suffered no injuries after two 6-meter rods slipped from the pickup truck running behind and pierced through from the rear windshield all the way  to the front , Thai News Agency reported this morning (May 1).

The hair-raising accident occurred at a 3-vehicle pileup on Highway 346  in Bang Len district of central Nakhon Pathom district.

When Pol Capt Chumpol Tengchui, an investigator at Bang Len police station, reached the scene of the accident he saw a white pickup truck upfront, followed by the orange hatchback with the 2 long metal rods going through from the rear to the front and a grey pickup truck behind still carrying 9 more of these 6-meter rods and some tools.


Narongsak Sitthipon, 21, the driver of the rear pickup truck told police that he and his 4 workers were delivering these rods to a construction site in this province when the sedan in front suddenly braked, leading to him too likewise doing so, and the strong jerk led to the 2 rods on the roof slipping and piercing the sedan.


Top, in-text and below: The 3 vehicle pileup in Nakhon Pathom with the orange hatchback in the middle being pierced by 2 rods. Photo: Thai News Agency