Mom looks for missing son, who was in prison.

A Facebook user named Wittiya Ruenklang from Sakon Nakhon Province made a post looking for his older brother Tanom 45 years old that went missing on 30 December 2019. The family couldn’t contact him because he left without taking his phone. Wittiya also shared his opinions online about how the police didn’t let the family file a missing persons report. The Sanook News team visited the family on 2 January 2019 at 14.00 in Sakon Nakhon. The team met Wittiya who stated that he bought some land in the area and invited his big brother to come to build a house on the land. During New Year’s time, his brother agreed to come built a fence and to also visit their mother.


His brother left home on 30 December to go buy some fruit from villagers but he never came home. He didn’t take his phone so the family called his wife in Kalasin Province who informed them that he never came home. They were afraid that something bad had happened to him if he was in an accident or got into a fight. Netizens helped search for his brother and the family went to the Kudbad Police Station but they never found his brother.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The family received good news when the police called them on the morning of the 2nd. His brother was arrested for a DUI in Phupan District. He was caught driving drunk at 19.00 on the day he went missing. During the days he was at the Sakon Nakhon Prison. Tanom’s father and his wife went to bail him out at 18.00 on the 2nd.


Wittiya stated that his brother doesn’t usually drink but some friends must’ve invited him to celebrate after he left home. The family is extremely relieved that he is safe, especially their mother. He also wishes to apologize to the police for criticizing the officials online because of miscommunication. The police helped the family out greatly as an officer shared his brother’s picture to a group of police officers near the area. The officers received the message and helped search for his older brother.


FB Caption: His brother was arrested for a DUI in Phupan District at 19.00 on the day he went missing.


Source: Sanook