Mother takes 4-year-old dancing, receives backlash online.

A mother took her 4-year-old child to a restaurant and bar dancing then posted about it online. Her post was shared by a famous Twitter account in Thailand and attracted heavy backlash from netizens. The account “Red Skull” shared the video showing a young girl dancing with lights flashing in the background. The business is located in Surat Thani Province. The account also captioned the video “Have a mother when you are ready”. 



The mother posted on her Facebook with pictures of her child stating “First time clubbing at 4 years old. This is so she can know that in the future I will never pressure you or stop you from going out. You have to know your position in life and can go out but make sure to do good in school. Take good responsibility and you can go anywhere and do anything. As long as you stay in my eyes and limits”. Netizens quickly went to give the mom a visit on her Facebook and TikTok accounts. Some comments include, “The law does not allow those under 18 years old to enter entertainment businesses”. 


“This is not called pressure; it’s called influencing your child to go clubbing. As a mother you should be aware of their environment. If you took her clubbing, then when was her bedtime? There is no way she had enough rest for the day”. “The mother’s thinking is not wrong, but this is wrong timing, wait till she is older”. “I think educating her on other topics will be better than teaching her how to party”. “First of all, how did this child even get in? Why would you record this and don’t you know there are those with bad intentions towards children”. The mother deleted her post and stated she asked the restaurant if the child could go in and they allowed it as long as they left before 10.00. She also claims she had no choice but to take her child because she couldn’t leave her home alone. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Netizens did not agree with the mother’s parenting style. 


Source: Khaosod