Mother takes own child from school, grandparents disagree.

A mother and relatives went to retrieve her own daughter from the school claiming she has the right to take her own blood. The grandparents disagree as they are the ones who have raised the child. When the mother went into the school teachers tried to stop her from running away with the child. Police Captain Punsak Srisod from the Muang Ang Thong Police Station received notification of a child who was taken out of her school. The child is 6-year-old studying in Kindergarten 3 at a local school in the main city of Ang Thong Province. Officials went to inspect the location right away. 


Police arrived to find Ni 32-year-old from Sakon Nakhon Province. A 6-year-old child was crying in her lap. The father, grandparents, and relatives were also at the school standing near the mother. The family had come to stop the child’s mother from taking her child. Police helped the negotiation go smoother as the mother and daughter were very emotional. A teacher stated to officials, A was delivered to the school in the morning by the grandparents. Then later in the day the mother of A and other relatives came to the school with documents stating she wanted to take the child with her back to Sakon Nakhon as the parents are now split. The teacher informed the mother to solve the problem inside the school, but Ni carried the girl and ran outside. A teacher decided it’s best to notify the police before the mother manages to take the child away. 


When the grandparents arrived the girl ran to them and cried asking to stay. The grandmother stated Ni had been in a relationship with their son but never signed marriage papers. They have been taking care of the child since she was a baby. The couple recently broke up and the mother wants to take the child with her to her home province. Ni went to file a police report on 24 October 2020 with Police Lieutenant Colonel Rungkiat Nathai about her intention for the child to move. Officials invited the family to the Ang Thong City Police Station to negotiate. Officials explained the mother cannot just decide to take the child away, after all the grandparents are the ones who raised the child. The mother needs to file a lawsuit for full custody of the child. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: When the grandparents arrived the little girl ran to them and cried asking to stay


Source: Khaosod