Tour bus goes up in flames on tollway.

Department of Land Transport inspected a tour bus that went into flames on the tollway. The bus had a Bangkok license plate and went into flames while still on the tollway on the morning of 7 June 2023. Police Lieutenant Colonel Krit Limjamrun from the Tollway Police received notification from the 199 emergency line and the rescue team about a bus fire. Related officials and fire trucks went to the location. The white bus had flames and heavy black smoke coming from the vehicle. The fire had covered the whole bus including the luggage compartment underneath. 



Officials went straight to work and were able to put out the flames after 15 minutes. The bus was then moved off the tollway. The process took about 1 hour before traffic returned to normal. Kanchit Kaewmanee 48 years old reported to officials that he picked up 15 tourists from Poland from a hotel in Makkasan, Bangkok. The group’s destination is to tour Ayuthaya Province, where many of Thailand’s historical sites are located. He was driving on the tollway when there was a burning smell coming from under the bus. Smoke followed shortly after and Kanchit decided to pull over right away. 



He rushed and opened the door to let the tourists out. He then used a fire extinguisher but it could not stop the flames. The fire spread and covered the entire vehicle very quickly. Thankfully no persons were injured in the incident as Kanchit acted fast and passengers exited the vehicle in time. The bus fire resulted in heavy traffic on the tollway. Traffic continued for kilometers, extending to the toll gate. Although this was temporary and everyone is thankful no one was injured from the fire.    




FB Caption: No tourists were harmed in the fire thanks to the driver’s quick reaction. 

Source: Khaosod