Gold thief drops ID card in shop, arrested almost instantly.

A gold thief accidentally dropped his ID card in the gold shop. He was arrested almost instantly, police were waiting at his home before he could make it back. The thief is a former food delivery driver who had more debt than he could pay and robbing the gold shop was the only solution he could see. The suspect walked into the gold shop and asked to see gold necklaces. He pretended to be choosing a gold necklace like any customer but suddenly ran out from the shop with 2 gold necklaces to his vehicle. The shop notified Khlong Tan police and as they entered the shop, officials realized there was an ID card on the floor. The card belonged to the thief, this must be a thief with the worst luck in history. Police didn’t have to do much work on this case and arrested him minutes after the robbery. 


Credit: Bright TV


The incident took place on 5 November 2020 at 11.00 in a gold shop located inside the Tesco Lotus Phatthanakan. Patompong Suknon 34 year old was arrested at his home in Phatthanakan near the mall. The suspect still had both necklaces on him as police were waiting before he arrived home. The gold shop owner stated Patompong walked into the shop with a hat and a mask on. He told an employee he was interested in buying 2 necklaces that weighed 1 baht each. The suspect ran out of the mall through an entrance for employees. The security guard couldn’t catch the robber on time before he jumped on a motorbike and drove away. 


Credit: Bright TV


When police found the suspect’s ID card in the shop they went to wait at his home address printed on the card. Officials arrived at his home before the robber did, he was pretty surprised to see the welcoming party. The gold shop owner noticed that the suspect ran out through an exit that was used by employees only, so he must’ve been a former employee or someone who knew the mall really well. The owner contacted the mall to see if he worked there but the police arrested him and found out he used to work as a food delivery driver. The suspect stated he needed the money to pay off a gambling debt. 



FB Caption: Police were waiting for the suspect at his home. 


Source: BrightTV