New Yaba pills coated in crystal meth found.

The Border Patrol Police (BPP) has found a new type of Yaba pills coated in crystal meth to boost the drug effects. Police Lieutenant Colonel Thanapon Thaonu, Police Captain Suwatthana Hembasat, and related officials from BPP reported the seize of 40,950 Yaba pills. These are not the regular Yaba pills that have been found previously in the country. This is a new type of Yaba formula coated in crystal meth. It is unknown whether the new Yaba pills have reached Yaba users in Thailand.


Credit: Sanook


Officials believe that a drug trafficking group smuggled the drug into Thailand through the border. The new type of Yaba pills was going to be distributed throughout the nation during the Songkran long holiday. The smugglers escaped before police found the drugs. Investigation revealed that a drug delivery was taking place on the Laos-Thailand border. Officials went to the location and discovered the drugs placed in a bag. Inside the bag were 20 square items. A total of 40,950 Yaba pills were inside the blue squares.

The drug smugglers abandoned the new Yaba pills and escaped. The drugs were found by the road on highway 212 in Tha Uthen District, Nakhon Phanom Province. An investigation on the case has been started along with more strict watch of drug smugglers along the border. There are many drug deliveries taking place along the border with plans to sell them during the Songkran festival. There has been more than 10 million Yaba pills seized along the border in Nakhon Phanom within the last 2-3 months. The latest new Yaba pills found are worth at least 7 million THB with an estimated market price of 150-200 THB per pill.



FB Caption: Police believe the market price for this new type of Yaba pill is at 150-200 THB per pill.


Source: Sanook