Don Mueang Airport and Mo Chit Bus Terminal busy for Songkran.

Don Mueang Airport and Mo Chit Bus Terminal is busy for Songkran Festival, the Thai New Year Celebration. Many are traveling back to their home provinces to visit their loved ones for the grand celebration despite the current Covid-19 situation. The airport and bus terminal has enforced safety precautions such as mandatory mask wearing and checking-in before entering the buildings. All persons must also measure their body temperature to make sure no one was entering inside with a current fever. Airlines in the Don Mueang Airport operating this long holiday has allowed online check-in and to enter the plane using e-tickets. This measure allows no contact between airport personals and passengers.


The Mo Chit Bus Terminal is getting busy as people head home. Due to the current Covid-19 situation in Thailand with sudden numbers rising in certain provinces there has been over 4,160 bus tickets returned. Several provinces have also announced persons traveling into the province must quarantine for 14 days. The bus terminal estimates about 50,000 persons will be traveling back to their provinces this long holiday. Traveling during this time is not recommended, but if necessary must be done carefully. Songkran is the longest holiday in Thailand with many companies embracing the culture. In many families it is a tradition to return home during the holiday to visit loved ones.


The Transport Company has announced that passengers with tickets from 8-18 April 2021 can return their tickets for a full refund. There have been about 4,160 bus tickets returned on 9 April 2021 accounting to 6.58% of all tickets sold. There are employees and police officers at the station to make sure all safety precautions are followed strictly. There is light traffic traveling to and from the bus station, but nothing compared to previous years during the Songkran long holiday.


FB Caption: The Transport Company is offering a 100% refund for all ticket returns.


Source: INN News