Nida to bring more rains to Thailand

WHILE Typhoon Nida has weakened to a severe tropical storm level after lashing Hong Kong with fierce winds of 145 kilometers an hour this morning, it will still likely bring more rains to Thailand during August 2-7, 2016.

Although Nida, which is a traditional Thai woman’s name, is not moving directly into Thailand and in fact is currently heading for mainland China, it will still strengthen the southwest monsoon over the Andaman Sea, the southern part of the country and the Gulf of Thailand, the Thai Meteorological Department said this morning.

“More rain is likely over Thailand with isolated heavy to very heavy showers in the East and the South during August 2-7,” the department said.

More than 180 flights to or from Hong Kong’s airport were canceled and bus, tram and ferry routes suspended this morning, CNN said.

The Hong Kong Observatory issued this year’s first No. 8 warning, the third-most severe, on Monday evening.

A No. 8 warning means gales and storm-force winds are blowing at sea level with sustained speeds as high as 117/kms/h.

Speaking to reporters, a Hong Kong Observatory spokeswoman warned Hong Kongers “not to let their guard down” as the storm moved across the city.

“Places which have been sheltered before will become more exposed to high winds,” she said, adding that the potential for a higher warning signal could be raised “cannot be ruled out.”


NASA-NOAA’s Suomi NPP satellite captured this visible light image of Typhoon Nida approaching China.  Photo: NASA/NOAA

By Panu Sangdeeching



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