Nightclub owner and security beat up woman on Khaosan Road.

A woman was beaten up by the owner and security team of a nightclub on Khaosan Road. The victim then asked for help from the police but received no help. Somsai Hermhuek revealed to Khaosod News Team on 7 December 2022. Somsai went drinking inside a nightclub on Khaosan Road. The owner and about 10 security guards ganged up and attacked the woman. She ran out to a police station nearby but was ignored. Somsai went into the club with 2 friends. An employee called one of her friends out because she had laughing gas. The employee stated this wasn’t allowed because they also sold laughing gas. She could bring it in if she paid 300 THB, which the friend chose to pay. 



Somsai heard what had happened and went to ask the daughter-in-law of the club owner why she had to pay. They started arguing and Somsai admits she was drunk. The DIL then poked a finger on Somsai’s head and said, “What are you going to do about it”. The DIL pulled her hair, and she kicked back in response. At this time a guard pulled her off and the owner’s son ran to push her on the ground before stepping on her head. He kicked her face and stepped on her back. Other security guards came running in and they all beat her up while she was still lying on the floor. Other customers inside the club tried to stop the group and one shouted “Don’t hit her, she is a woman”. 



Somsai crawled out and grabbed her phone before running to the police station. The police ignored her even though there were scars on her face and she was bleeding. They didn’t let her file a report and did not inspect the nightclub. Somsai then called 191 and returned to the club at 6 am with police. Officials saw the husband and wife who beat her up but didn’t do anything and they left on a motorbike like nothing had happened. The police even talked to the couple before they left, Somsai noted they seemed to care more about the couple than her, the victim. Somsai has filed a complaint with the Ministry of Justice. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: About 10 security guards ran in and beat the victim up while she was on the ground. She had to crawl out of the nightclub, but police ignored her. 


Source: Khaosod