It’s pink and purple cells in Uttaradit

UTTARADIT provincial police chief has painted a jail cell pink for women and is getting ready to paint another one purple for the third sex, Khao Sod newspaper said today (May 30).

The idea is to ensure the security of transgender inmates some of whom are as beautiful as a woman and may feel insecure staying in the same cell as male inmates as they may be prone to sexual harassment.

The Uttaradit police chief added that the pink cell is part of the overall development of the police station both interior and exterior to ensure that people who come to the police station will feel more comfortable.

However the police chief added that he would like to ask members of the public to obey the law and not cause problems in the society because if they can do this, if they obey the law and are good citizens, they would not have to go jail regardless of the color of the cell.

Top: The pink jail cell for women in Uttaradit province. Photo: Khao Sod

By Songpol Kaopatumtip





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