Monkey take over Homes.

A homeowner has been struggling because monkeys have taken over her home. The monkeys have torn apart inside her home; no matter what measures she takes, they still find a way in. The victim is asking for help from officials because over time only more will move into her home. A TikTok user posted a video showing what she is dealing with due to rude monkeys. She has built a metal cage around her home and stored all items inside cabinets but the monkeys are still breaking in. She has asked for help from officials but there has been no answer. Khaosod News Team walked with Muay the victim on 27 September 2023 at 14.30.



Muay lives iin Bang Khun Thian in Bangkok. The monkeys are wild and used to live in the forest. As more forest is destroyed they have no natural habitat to live in and have resorted to breaking into homes. Muay is not the only one dealing with unwanted furry guests. Villagers in the area are dealing with the same problem. Lately, there have been more monkeys than usual. They are even breaking into factories. These monkeys often break items inside the home including the lighting and hiding car keys. Their favorite activity is going through food and personal belongings. If someone is holding an item in their hand the monkeys will jump onto you and fight to get the item. They even remove parts of your vehicle.



Muay has installed metal cages and tried using fireworks to scare them off but nothing has worked. The monkeys simply climb over anything in their way. Muay was sick one day and was resting when she heard a loud bang. She opened the door to dozens of monkeys tearing apart her trees and the cage. The monkeys often show violent behaviors and cannot be reasoned with. Muay has returned from a trip and after driving for 10 hours she came home to see it wrecked. That day she cried because everything was torn apart. The monkeys went through her fridge, left the water on, and poured milk and water all over her clothes. Worst of all they smeared poop all over the walls.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The monkeys keep returning to destroy her home. Officials have been no help.

Credit: Khaosod