Police checking ‘swimming pool sex’ video clip

POLICE at Pattaya tourist town are rushing to check a video clip which seems to show some foreign men and Thai women having sex in a hotel swimming pool even as a big poolside party was taking place, Thai News Agency reported this morning (August 20, 2018).

The 53-second long video clip posted on the Facebook page of Khotahaw v.4 shows lots of Thais and foreigners attending this poolside party but in the midst of this event some foreign men and Thai women seem to have behaved inappropriately by having sex in the swimming pool, with this attracting a lot of harsh criticism online.

Pol Col Apicahi Krobpetch, head of Pattaya police station, said he has seen the clip and has ordered investigators to check and find sources to determine when this poolside party took place and at which hotel.

If what appears to be taking place in the video clip actually occurred then both those involved and the hotel proprietor will face legal action, the latter for letting guests behave in this manner which makes Pattaya took bad.


Top: A still from the video clip that is being harshly criticized. Photo: Thai News Agency