Portuguese woman injured in Koh Phangan brawl flies home

A PORTUGUESE woman who was hit on the head with a glass bottle by a pharmacy assistant during Sunday night’s Full Moon Party at Koh Phangan island flew out of Thailand without filing a complaint with the police, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported this morning (August 29, 2018).

Pol Lt-Col Somsak Noorod, deputy head for investigation at Koh  Phangan police station, said Miss Benedita Franco Babiano Coriara, 22, from Portugal, got as many as 20 stitches on her head at a clinic near this drug store and the site of the Full Moon Party.

However she did not show up for questioning and to file a complaint against her assailant, Mr Chakrit Chantasorn, 29, but instead disappeared as soon as her wound was dressed.  The next day, Monday August 27, she flew out to Dubai from Phuket on Emirates Airline flight number EK 379 at 11.18 p.m.

Chakrit told police that before the fight he saw some tourists, 2 women and a man, sitting and eating in front of the drug store, so he told them to move out because they were blocking the entrance.

One of the tourists did do so, but her spot was soon occupied by another friend. He again went out to tell them to move out, but they got angry and hurled verbal abuse at him and he returned in kind, he added.

The injured woman, Benedita, then attacked him by scratching his face, and to protect himself he grabbed a glass bottle from the drink stand and hit her head, he said.

Pol Lt-Col Somsak said he has finished questioning Chakrit, and has noted down his background, while also sending him for a physical checkup. However he is still waiting for a complaint to be filed against him.


Top: The bottle used to hit Benedita on the head is circled in red. Photo: Matichon

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