Rayong school shut down after shooting threat.

Teachers take action after a school in Rayong received a school shooting threat. Parents rush to pick up the students for safety. Ban Kai Police in Rayong Province received notification of a school shooting threat on 26 May 2023. The elementary school received a call from a man who threatened to enter and shoot students inside the school. Offcials went to the location immediately. Police arrived at a busy scene as parents arrived to pick up their children. The teachers decided to take the threat very seriously and took action right away. Students were ordered to remain in classrooms. 



The teachers then delivered the students to the parents one by one until they all safely returned home. Chochaba Chuenban the Primary Educational Service Area Principle reported that parents were notified to pick up the students. 60 have returned home and 3 remained inside the school. These students were delivered home safely by the teachers. They didn’t want anyone left inside the school. A teacher who picked up the call stated it was a male caller. He informed the teacher that he was about to enter the school and start shooting. The man then hung up. The teacher went to inform the principal and notified the police. 



Parents were all scared and traveled to the school right after they were notified of the situation. Officials have started an investigation to find the caller. They now know who the number is registered to. The next step is to find out if the caller is the same person. Chochaba revealed that another school in Rayong Province also received a text message in a similar context. There are officials placed at the school for safety. Parents have been notified but this school decided to not inform all parents at the same time. This is a bigger school with over 1,000 students and it can get chaotic if all parents come to pick up their children at the same time. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Parents were all scared and traveled to the school right after they were notified of the situation.


Source: Khaosod