Rescue Team release cat in forest, owner finds the cat dead.

Members from a local rescue team released a cat into the forest, the owner went to look for her cat but found it dead. The story went viral fast and netizens had many opinions on the matter. “Jaosuo” the cat was released into a forest by the road after the cat escaped out of its home into another house. The owner realized what happened and went to search for the cat, she recorded the moment when she found the body and you could hear her crying in the background. The incident took place on 8 November 2020 in Ayutthaya Province. The cat entered another home, the owner of the home called the rescue team to come catch the cat because she was afraid the cat would harm someone. The person that called also stated to members of the team to release it far away. The team put the cat in a sack before releasing it by the road. 


Credit: Sanook


Beam the cat owner and the rescue team went to search for the cat at the forest located 300 meters away from her home on the 9th. Beam stated she went to Saraburi Province for 2 days and 1 night. She had no internet service, this meant she could not look at the security footage in her home while she was out. After leaving the hotel, she heard that Jaosuo had escaped. The woman called a neighbor to help look for her cat who later found out about the rescue team. The team was called at 3 pm and Beam arrived home at 4 pm but the team did not wait to meet her. The rescue team posted on the 10th online claiming they tried to chase the cat away using water, but the cat was violent and tried to attack people. 


The team claimed they had to put it in a sack because the cat was wet. They then released the cat in a forest not far away from the village believing the cat would walk home by itself. Members insist they had no intention to harm or kill the cat and are sorry for what happened. Netizens are still commenting on the rescue team’s Facebook page. The cat is an American shorthair, clearly not a street cat. The owner has been on TV since the incident stating she loves the cat like a daughter and is shocked by what has happened. She posted on her Facebook page “Suphaksana Vavichanee” pictures of the cat at home and when it was found dead. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The rescue team arrived at 3 pm, Beam the cat owner arrived at 4 pm but the cat was already released in a forest. 


Source: Sanook