Robber arrested after attacking 2 stores in one week.

A robber has been arrested after attacking 2 stores in one week. Police Major General Piti Narikatpijai from the Ratchaburi Province, Police Colonel Piyapong Wongketjai from the Ban Pong Police Station, and related officials reported the arrest of Deaw 38 years old. The suspect is wanted with an arrest warrant issued by the Ratchaburi Provincial Court on 22 June 2022. The robber robbed a convenient store using a weapon and a vehicle during the night. The suspect has robbed 2 stores located in Ban Pong District. He was arrested inside his home in the same district. 



The suspect is a driver in the area and has a secret addiction which is online gambling. As a result he has financial issues and needed to find a solution. His solution was to rob a convenient store. He started researching on ways to rob a store from the internet. He prepared by getting a helmet, mask. And used tape to wrap around his fingers. He used a knife to threaten the employees at the stores. The first robbery took place at 2.30 am on 14 June 2022. He managed to get away with some cash. After receiving notification officials went to inspect the store. 



The case did not go far as the robber had planned the incident out pretty well. The route used to escape from the scene also had no security cameras making it hard to track down. Officials in the area were instructed to keep a close eye on other convenience stores in the area. One week later on 21 June 2022 at 2.00 the robber returned. The robber used the same method including a sharp knife to threated employees. He managed to get away with 7,000 THB in the second robbery. The Ban Pong Police worked with provincial police and tracked down the suspect. The investigation proved successful and the man was arrested in his home. Officials also found evidence including clothing, the helmet, and motorbike that was used in the incident. The suspect has admitted to all charges and blames it on his online gambling addiction. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The robber was not arrested after the first incident as it was planned out very well. 


Source: Khaosod