Luxury villa full of cockroaches and rats.

The customer stated she never received an official apology from the villa after finding many cockroaches and rats. A maid who works at the villa talked to the media and revealed another side to the story. The story was first shared online on a Facebook page revealing the terrible experience at a luxury poll villa located in Pattaya, Chonburi Province. The customer paid 47,000 THB for a 2 night stay. The Khaosod News Team visited the pool villa inside a village named Palm Springs. The home operates as a luxury pool villa and is 3 stories tall. 



Anisa 38 years old a maid at the villa stated she would always clean the villa and the customers would then get to walk around inside before checking in. The customers can order for the room to be re-cleaned or to adjust some areas as many times as they want. If there are issues they can inform the villa or the maid. On the date of the incident the customer informed the maid that there are cockroaches coming out of the drain. She uses a bug killer spray but this resulted in cockroaches and rats running out of the drain. Anisa apologized to the customer on the date and the owner tried contacting the customer to take responsibility. 



The villa has hired a company to come take care of the problem. Pramot Tubtim a Pattaya officials stated most pool villas in the city are private homes who rent out their property. The city has received complaints related to the villas mainly on noise and parking. Every time the city receives a complaint, officials go to check the area right away. Pramot wants to send a message to villa owners that hygiene is very important. The best way is to visit the villas directly instead of letting an employee check for you. The prices per night is very high and customers should receive the best hospitality available. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: More cockroaches and rats started coming out of the drain when the bug spray was used.