Salesperson uses fake license plate causes customer to get arrested.

A customer purchased a brand-new truck but was arrested for using a fake license plate. The salesperson is the actual guilty person in this case because she intentionally gave the customer a fake license plate. The customer purchases a brand-new truck, then after a month was arrested and placed in jail for 5 hours before bail. The customer has filed a case against the salesperson in hopes to find justice. The story was first posted on “If you want to be famous here you go part 5.2” in Thai. The story is shared with the intentions to warn persons wanting to buy a new vehicle. 



The customer had no knowledge that she received a fake license plate but was prosecuted for the crime. Khaosod Online contacted A 44 years old on 28 October 2022. A, the owner of the truck stated that she wanted a new truck for her coconut business. She called a showroom asking about trucks and decided to make a purchase as they offered many free gifts with the truck. 2 days before picking up the truck she called to ask the salesperson if her truck was ready for pickup. On 21 August 2022 A went to pick up the truck as planned. The salesperson asked her if she wanted to attach the red license plate right away. A red license plate is used on newly purchased cars in Thailand. 



A agreed but did not see who was the actual person that attached the license plate. As she was about to sign the documents she asked where the car documents were. The salesperson claimed that due to Covid-19 it has not arrived, and it will be mailed to her. She used the truck as usual afterwards. Then one day on the tollway a police officer called her car over and informed her she was using a fake license plate. A told the officer to call the salesperson as evidence that she purchased the car legally from the showroom. The salesperson was rude to the police and hung-up. A went to see the salesperson after she was arrested who claimed she had full knowledge it was a fake license plate. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The car salesperson gave her a fake license plate and she ended up in jail for 5 hours. 

Source: Khaosod