School chain issues letter to “fix” LGBT students

A school chain in Thailand had issued a letter to one of their schools addressed to the principal. The letter clearly states that LGBT students are viewed as “not normal” in the school chain’s opinions. The letter was shared on 25 June 2020 and went viral on twitter in a short period of time. The letter was issued on 19 February of this year, stating “The school focuses on protecting students. We are worried about students with issues including students who don’t focus in class, students who don’t get good grades, and students who don’t understand lessons. This shows that these students need special care from the class teacher or the administrative teachers. 


Credit: Sanook


This includes protecting students regarding their sexual identity. This especially applies to schools with grades 7 and above. As students reach their teenage years they will start to express their sexual identity in a normal and abnormal way. If it is abnormal, teachers must teach these students to know and behave in the right sex given by their father and mother. It is very important that students do not express themselves as LGBT. This is because school’s with a lot of LGBT students will lose popularity. Legal guardians will not send their children to the school, as seen in some schools today. 


We also need to protect students by not allowing girls and boys to hang out in pairs. If seen, all teachers must take action. The school must find activities for students to do on breaks, not just let them sit and talk. This reflects that the school management is neglecting the care of students. You must find activities for the students to do in fields and exercise areas. This is what helps students develop into good youth. Schools that lack exercise areas can request for help.” 


Credit: Sanook


Netizens are extremely fired up by the letter. Many have expressed that this is clear discrimination from the school chain towards the LGBT students and the community. The opinion of what sex is normal and what is considered abnormal is taking away the right to freedom of expression from students. If equality is seen as wrong by schools, then when will society finally accept who you are. 


FB Caption: “As students reach teenage years they will start to express their sexual identity in a normal and abnormal way.”


Source: Sanook