Shocked uncle finds cat burglar hiding in the ceiling

AN elderly uncle who sells lottery for a living got a shock of his life when he found a cat burglar hiding within the ceiling of his house in adjacent Chonburi province last night, reported this morning (Oct 15, 2018).

Pattaya police rushed to the house of Mr Somsak, 63, and his wife Mrs  Phimporn, 70, in Bang Lamung district and found them still badly shaken up.

Somsak related that they were just about to go to bed when they heard an unusual noise coming from the ceiling.

Thinking that it must be a cat trapped there, he climbed up to have a look, but upon lifting the flap and shining the torch in he got startled and almost fell off the ladder at seeing that the cat was in fact a cat burglar.

As he called his neighbors for help, the burglar jumped down and grabbed his shirt which he put on after discarding his T-shirt and quickly ran away.

Police checked the house and found a window opened and are chasing this cat burglar even though he only got away with a shirt.


Top: Uncle Somsak shows the open bedroom window. Photo: