Soldier attacks neighbor due to loud honking.

A soldier attacked a neighbor due to loud honking. The neighbor that works in a media company stated the man went into her home and strangled her before punching her husband. Piamsuk Bunruang 39 year old and Alisa Choksinsombun 42 year old filed a report with the Bang Bua Thong Police in Nonthaburi Province on 20 September 2021. The couple wants to press charges on a neighbor who broke into their home and attacked them both. The incident took place on 17 September 2021 around midnight. Security camera footage recorded parts of the incident. 


Credit: Sanook


Images show Piamsuk standing at the gate talking to a man outside. A man wearing a yellow shirt walked out from beside the home and punched Piamsuk in the face. The victim fell and the man tried to open the gate door but it was locked. He then climbed over, the other man was standing but didn’t try to stop the attacker. The victim tried to talk but the attacker did not calm down. Alisa ran out from the home to help stop the man but he then turned towards her. She was strangled and pushed against the gate. Another neighbor saw the incident and came in to help her. Piamsuk got up and tried to calm the man down but he was attacked again. The attacker then climbed over the gate and walked to a group of 5-6 persons. 



Piamsuk stated on the date of incident he went outside when the attacker shouted to ask him what was the noise, the incident then took place. The victim usually honks his motorbike when he gets home. This is because his wife usually waits to have dinner and he honks to let the wife know he is home from work. Piamsuk stated he has never had any problems with any neighbors. The couple usually keep to themselves. Piamsuk has a hard time understanding why the victim strangled his wife who is a woman. He was on the ground and was not able to help the wife. Alisa stated the attacker is a soldier, they had talked before like regular neighbors greeting each other. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The neighbor jumped over the gate then punched the man before strangling his wife. 


Source: Sanook