Son cries for mom after being arrested with Kratom Leaf.

The Nakhon Sithammarat Police arrested Arthit 25 years old while he was drinking kratom water from boiling the kratom leaves. While the police told him to get into the police truck Arthit kept crying and calling out for his mother. He screamed with tears for mom to come to bail him out. The mother insisted that this time she’s no longer helping him escape his actions.


Villagers in the area know Arthit’s reputation for his kratom use. They know that you can find him every day boiling the leaves and drinking it. His family and others that know him are really bored with his actions over and over. The suspect has been arrested before but as soon as he is free, Arthit returns straight back to boiling the leaves he loves.


It is reported that while on the way to the police station, the suspect never stopped crying. The officers tried to calm him down and told him everything will be ok but Arthit still had heavy tears running down his face like a baby. No matter how hard he tries to look for mercy, he has been charged accordingly to his crimes of use and possession of kratom.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


Arthit’s mother insists that this time she won’t be helping him with the case. Let the police and the law deal with him as a life lesson as he has been caught before. The people around him have warned him multiple times even after he was arrested previously. The suspect should’ve learned his lesson but it seems like he needs to go through the hard way to finally get himself together. Even if it’s her son, he needs to learn that what he is doing is wrong and the family is tired of his actions.


FB Caption: While on the way to the police station, Arthit 25 years old kept crying like a baby calling out for his mom to help.


Source: Sanook