State of emergency in parts of Phang Nga

A STATE of emergency was declared in 4 districts of southern Phang Nga province on the Andaman Sea coast today (Dec. 9) with 500 household affected and large tracks of farmland, fish ponds and public utilities damaged, INN News reported.

Mr Sayan Kitchmano, head of the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office, said parts of Phang Nga Mueang, Nop Pring, Kapong and Thai Mueang districts have been inundated by forest runoff and flash floods.

Phang Nga (2)

So far around 500 households, with approximately 1,000 people, have been affected but a detailed check is still being undertaken.

However large tracks of farmland and fish ponds have been damaged, as have public utilities such as roads, bridges, power lines and parts of the water supply network.

Floodwater is still high in some areas and brimming in the canals where it is flowing fiercely and eroding bridges and banks, with this engendering those living along the canals.


Top, in-text and below: Badly flooded areas of Phang Nga province.  Photos: INN News

Phang Nga flood

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