Store owner wins Big lottery prize 18M THB.

A store owner wins 3 grand prize government lottery tickets, bringing in 18 Million THB. The vendor reveals that she hears about people winning the lottery all the time, but never imagined it would happen in her life. A Facebook User named Suwipha Thepsutha posted online a video showing the big winner. She congratulated the new grand prize winner and captioned “This is 3 grand prize tickets, 18 Million THB! These tickets were purchased from my shop. I am so happy for auntie Toi. Congratulations to the vendor in town. We always see it on the news, and now we know how it feels to win in real life. I feel like crying for Auntie Toi, don’t forget to buy tickets at my shop again”.


Credit: Khaosod


This is the Thai Government Lottery draw on 16 May 2020. The first prize number is 051095 with winnings of 6 Million THB per ticket. The ticket was purchased from a local lottery shop in Mae Sot District, Tak province. The seller revealed that after the numbers came out auntie Toi came to visit her at the shop. Toi is the owner of a building materials store named Sinsuward Wasadu located in front of Mae Pa village. Auntie Toi informed her that she had just won 3 winning tickets. The seller captured the happy moment and shared it on social media.


Khaosod News Team contacted Auntie Toi and received confirmation that she did win 3 tickets with the numbers 051095. The ticket states 1 April 2020, but the draw was moved to 16 May 2020 due to reasons related to Covid-19. The winner wishes to remain private and only stated that she has lived in Mae Pa village her whole life and her family owns a local building materials store.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Auntie Toi went to tell the ticket seller of her big win, they were both very happy.


Source: Khaosod