Storm brings down 10 utility poles crushing cars below.

The storm that brought heavy rain and winds into Thailand on 15 March 2020 left behind caos for many car owners. 10 utility poles by the road fell down crushing the cars on the road below. These incidents took place in Nonthaburi Province. The local police were notified that many utility poles had fallen down onto vehicles that were driving or parked on Ngamwongwan Road, Bang Khen, Nonthaburi. Police Colonel Sihadej Sarakobkaew from the Nonthaburi Police Station and officials from the Nonthaburi Metropolitan Electrical Authority went to inspect the fallen utility poles.


Credit: Khaosod


Officials discovered that 10 utility poles had fallen down onto the road. 4 cars were affected and damaged from the falls, a silver truck, a white Honda City, a black Chevrolet car, and a blue taxi. All of the vehicles were heavily damaged and surrounded by electrical wires. Karnika Bunpanya 41 years old one of the victims from the storm stated that she heard the winds before it started to rain for about 30 miniutes. Suddenly there was a loud bang and she thought an electric transformer probably blew up. Karnika was scared to leave her home but then the power went off so she decided to come outside. This is when she saw that several utility poles had fallen down into the vehicles. One of her cars had been crushed but the power was not cut off so karnika decided to wait for the officials to arrive.


Credit: Khaosod


Karnika reveals that this is the first time utility poles have fallen down, the power usually goes off but this is the first time that such damage has occurred. The officials have safely cut off the power before moving the utility poles and electrical wires to somewhere safe. It is going to take hours to repair the electrical system in the affected area.


FB Caption: The storm was so bad 10 utility poles fell on the ground crushing 4 cars on the road.


Source: Khaosod