Street cables strangle couple on motorbike.

A couple was strangled by street cables while on a motorbike. They ended up in a road accident as the driver lost control of the motorbike and they rolled onto the road. This is not the first time that someone was strangled by street cables in Thailand. It is a big problem and hundreds of cables can be spotted on roads in the country. They are usually very messy and unpredictable. Somchai 50 years old and Yaolee 49 years old went to file a report at the Chiang Mai Police Station on 10 August 2022. The married couple sell pork BBQ in the city of Chiang Mai and cannot work at the time due to the accident. 



The couple was on the road when they were strangled by street cables. The motorbike fell on the road and they are both injured on the neck. Somchai also has injuries on both of his hands and bruises on his body. They have gone to a doctor and are now safe. Somchai revealed they left home in the morning and headed to the city for work as usual. The husband was driving and the wife was sitting behind him holding some food. While on the road, cables that were hanging lower than usual wrapped around their necks. Somchai lost control of the motorbike and both rolled onto the road. 



Somchai lost consciousness and Yaolee woke him up. The local rescue team delivered them to the hospital. The couple decided to come in and file a report with the police. They usually sell BBQ every day and cannot work with the injuries at this time. The couple hopes that responsible sectors will fix the low cables before someone else gets in another accident. They also need help with the medical bills. There are witnesses that saw the indecent happen and locals in the area helped clean up the cables that fell onto the road. No one knows which sector is responsible for the cables. The Chiang Mai Provincial Electrical Authority will be inspecting the cables. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Somchai lost control of the motorbike and both fell onto the road. 


Source: Khaosod