Street race gone wrong, 14 students injured.

A street race took the wrong turn when fun turned into horror. The race was between a Mini Cooper and a Porsche. The Mini Cooper crashed into a modified truck that is used as a school bus. This type of modified truck is quite common in Thailand and is used as a school bus or a public transport vehicle. The crash injured 14 students while the Porsche crashed into a home. Police Captain Bandit Sappong from the Chachoengsao City Police Station received notification of a road accident on 23 June 2023. The school truck had flipped over and the local rescue team performed first aid before delivering the students to Put Sothorn Hospital. 



The truck had students from many schools inside, all located in the main city of Chachoengsao Province. Police spotted the luxury cars involved in the accident. The Mini Cooper’s driver was not injured. 10 meters away was the Porsche that crashed into a home by the road. The home is substantially damaged but the driver nor the persons inside the home were injured. Students were still shocked by the incident. They stated that the truck was heading to Samettai sub-district to drop students off when a Mini Cooper crashed into the truck. The truck was parked, dropping students off at a stop when this happened. The truck flipped over on the road and students were injured. 



Witnesses in the area stated that the 2 cars were racing on the road. Then something caused them to lose control which resulted in the incident. One crashed into a home that was also used as a fruit store. The other crashed into a school truck that was parked but about to take off. Parents of the injured received bad news and the police will prosecute both drivers. Police delivered both drivers to the police station and are awaiting prosecution. 


Credit: Khaosod



FB Caption: A Mini Cooper and a Porsche were having a street race when one crashed into a school truck and the other into a home. 


Source: Khaosod