Teacher saves student’s head in middle of class.

The incident took place at a famous school in Nonthaburi Province when a teacher shaved a student’s head right in the middle of the classroom. The reason for such action is the student recently got a haircut that is against the school code. The teacher became so angry and did not ask permission or let the student know what was about to happen. A famous Twitter page named “evil students” in Thai received a complaint about the incident on 23 June 2023. The teacher teaches history in the school and is the head of M.4 which is equivalent to grade 10. 



The complaint stated that the student’s hair was not obviously long and such action was not appropriate. The problem was the design of the haircut. The teacher walked into the room and spotted the student with the hair. She walked towards him and pushed his head onto the school desk. She then pulled out a hair clipper and shaved off his hair. The school in the incident has a dress code that states “Students must not behave in a way that conforms with the appropriate appearance of a student. For example, no haircuts in shapes, symbols, or fashion styles. 



The school’s dress code does not allow a teacher to violate a student’s rights. Especially by using a hair clipper and shaving a student’s hair off. Such action also violates the regulations issued by the Ministry of Education. The Ministry provided 4 punishment methods that can be used. 1. Warning, 2. Behavior points reduction, 3. Probation and MoU, and 4. Activities to help enforce positive values. Thai Lawyers for Human Rights stated that students that are punished for not following the regulations issued by the Ministry, especially if it affects the student’s body, reputation, and freedom can press charges against the teacher who violated the student. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The teacher pushed the student’s head onto the school desk and shaved off his hair. 


Source: Khaosod