Strict rules for Bangkok Animal Cafes

Bangkok officials joined in a Covid-19 meeting on 22 May 2020. One of the security measures to limit the spread of the virus is new rules for Animal Cafes who are now allowed to reopen their business. Police Colonel Asawin Kwanmuang the governor of Bangkok joined in the meeting. Orders have been given to the Bangkok Health Department to perform more Covid-19 tests as a protection against those with high risk that we do not know about. The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) has given over 15,000 Covid-19 test kits to Bangkok. Every person in the target group must be tested within June 2020 with a goal to test 400 persons per day. Officials are advised to continue inspecting public areas and to continue advising businesses that have reopened.


Credit: INN News


Businesses that are not complying with the regulations will be warned for the safety of the people. The question of Animal Cafes was also discussed in the meeting. All cafes or businesses with animals including dogs, cats, and other animals will have to follow these regulations for the safety of customers. Animal cafes must have separate areas for dining and drinking where animals are not allowed to enter, and separate play areas must be clearly established. Customers must sanitize their hands before and after entering the play area. All persons will have to wear a face mask at all times inside the play area and wear a PPE suit or a protective coat while visiting the animals. The business must be closed and cleaned every 2 hours. Customers are not allowed to make direct contact with the animals.


Credit: INN News


Customers must make a booking before visiting the business, this also helps record the number of visitors inside. The people must remember to practice social distancing and avoid shouting to reduce droplets. Animals that show signs of sickness must visit the vet and be separated from other animals right away. The business must be cleaned with standard disinfectants that are deemed safe for animals at least once a day. Customers are not allowed to feed or give treats to the animals. Disposable socks are required and sanitizer must be available at all times. Officials will be investigating these businesses to make sure the new rules are in place.


FB Caption: Customers are not allowed to make direct contact with the animals.


Source: INN News