Student gang rounded up for selling drugs online

A GANG of students selling amphetamines and other drugs via social media and using soap to hide the smell of these drugs when mailing them to clients were arrested today (May 30), Thai News Agency said.

Officers of 191 Special Branch Police arrested Phatsakorn Sukcharoen and Thotphol Matara as well as 16 of their gang members and seized 41,224 tablets of amphetamines, 8.2 grams of ice (a highly purified form of methamphetamine), 10 kilograms of ganja, 55 bottles of liquid cough mixture and two bags of kratom leaves after tracing the sale of these drugs via Facebook and Line chat app.

Scented soap was used to hide the smell of these drugs when mailed to clients in Surat Thani, Chumphon, Phattalung, and Udon Thani provinces.

Police first arrested Phatsakorn Sukcharoen from his house in Seri Thai 43 area of Bangkok after checking suspicious parcels at a post office. They also seized a box full of drugs.

Expanded investigation led to the arrest of 15 more suspects from Nuan Chan area of Bungkum district and seizing of another large lot of drugs as well as 200 cakes of soap and 100 packaging sets.

The gang had 2.5 million baht running capital in a bank account and police say it was Thotphol Matara who was the head of the gang has he acquired the drugs for the students to sell.

Police are still continuing their investigation into this case.


Top: Special Branch police display the drugs they seized after busting a student drug trafficking gang. Photo: Thai News Agency


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