Tattooed man scared of getting vaccinated and threatens nurse.

A man with tattoos went to get the Covid-19 vaccine but got frightened of the tiny needle and threatened nurses around him. He stated to them “if it hurts I will punch you”. Sanook News Team reported in Phetchabun Province of a Facebook post that went viral. The Facebook user Kwandao Trisun posted a video that captured the incident. The vaccine location was in Wat Ban Rai temple in the main city of Phetchabun. The video showed many nurses standing around a man with many tattoos. The man had signed a consent form to get vaccinated but when his turn came he clearly was afraid. 



The nurses helped hold the man and then he threatened them with a fist showing what he would do. Nurses and relatives came to help hold the man down so he would stay still. He continued to struggle and resisted those who were holding him down. It didn’t take long to give him the shot and as soon as the needle left his arm the man stated “**** I thought it would hurt”. The Facebook user is a nurse who captioned the video “please don’t punch me, feel sorry for me hahaha sometimes I cannot laugh, I was afraid he would really punch me”. 



Kwandao revealed to Sanook that the man was vaccinated accordingly with the local health office on 24 November 2021. While trying to vaccinate the man he became scared and was going to run away. Relatives nearby came to help hold him down. This is when he threatened the nurses who decided to let go of the man. Kwandao is confident of her needle skills so she tried again. After the shot was given, the man calmed down and returned to normal. The nurse reveals this is not the first time a patient has threatened her. But she admits he was violent but had already signed the consent form and his intention was to get vaccinated so they continued with the original plan. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The man full of tattoos tried to run away after seeing the tiny needle. 


Source: Sanook