Scam calls continue to develop, woman loses 2M THB.

Scam calls continue to this day and scammers continue to develop their schemes. The woman came out to the public in hopes of warning others. The victim posted on her Facebook about how she lost 2 Million THB to a call center gang. The post stated “Today I wish to warn other human friends. You would only understand if it happened to you. I have always been so careful. I’ve only seen it in the news. Please no drama or pushing me down even further because I am very stressed and don’t know what to do next. 



The story is I received a phone call yesterday from the call center gang who claimed to be a famous shipping company. The company informed me that there I made a shipment to China with illegal goods inside. The goods connected me to money laundering. I didn’t believe it at first because I have never sent any illegal items or have been involved in money laundering. At first I didn’t believe the claims and wanted to know more because they knew my information such as my ID number, address, and bank account information. I was afraid of being dragged into a case. Because of this I continued to talk with them. They convinced me and there were many characters involved. They claimed to be the company, the police, and created scenes through the call. 



I could hear the police station’s background noise. The Line account I talked to also had a police logo. They were very convincing and threatened me. I transferred them about 2 Million THB. It wasn’t until after I realized what I had done and my hands started shaking. I want to warn every person to be very careful because scammers come in all forms nowadays. I have filed a report with the Pathumwan police in Bangkok. I hope that related sectors will help investigate the case. I admit I am very stressed, cannot sleep, or eat. I gave them all my money, all my life savings”. 



FB Caption: The woman transferred 2 Million THB to the scammers all in one day after receiving a phone call. 


Source: Khaosod