Taxi driver vs. delivery driver end up in brutal stabbing on the road.

A fight between a taxi driver and a delivery driver on the road ended up with one being stabbed. A restaurant nearby had to get involved to help stop the fight from going on any further. The fight started with bad driving that led to a physical battle. Police reveal no one has filed a police report on the incident but officials plan to investigate the case. A famous Facebook page posted a video of the incident online. The page named “JaemoyV+” in Thai posted footage showing the two drivers fighting each other on the road. The delivery driver got so heated he pulled out a knife and started running after the taxi driver who ended up getting stabbed. 



Good citizens nearby rushed in to help stop the fight before the situation could get worse. The incident took place in front of a local gas station in Nonthaburi Province. The Khaosod News Team went to inspect the location on 5 January 2022. The fight started on the road and they began chasing each other. They ended up inside a local street food restaurant. Both started throwing tables and chairs at each other. This also caused damage to the restaurant who had nothing to do with their personal problems. Sompong 44 years old the owner of the restaurant stated that the incident took place at around 16.00. He was preparing the restaurant to open for the day. 



A green and yellow taxi parked by the road followed by a motorbike. Both started arguing claiming that one of them cut in front of the other vehicle. The witness does not remember who was the one to blame. The delivery driver then jumped and punched the taxi driver. Both continued arguing before the taxi driver kicked the delivery driver’s leg until he fell down. The delivery driver pulled out a knife and stabbed the taxi driver in the stomach. The restaurant owner and other good citizens went in to stop the fight but the delivery driver was so heated he continued trying to fight the taxi driver. Sompong decided to threaten both drivers that if his restaurant was damaged he would press charges. The taxi driver came to apologize to Sompong afterwards. This is when the delivery driver took the opportunity to drive away on his motorbike. 



FB Caption: A local restaurant owner helped stop the fight before it could get worse. 


Source: Khaosod