Taxi falls onto steel rods, driver and passenger slightly injured.

A taxi accidentally entered a construction site and fell into a hole full of steel rods, the driver and passenger both survived with minor injuries. The taxi driver avoided running into a log on the road, he lost control of the car as it drove into a hole at the construction site. Police Lieutenant Worawit Ketkaew from the Thung Song Hong Police Station in Lak Si, Bangkok received notification on 25 June 2020 at 5.45 am. A taxi had fallen into a hole at the MRTA Pink Line sky train construction site leading to the government complex on Chaeng Watthana Road. Officials notified the local Ruamkatanyu Rescue Team before heading to the location. 


Police arrived in front of the Department of Consular Affairs on a 3 lane road where the construction site was located. They found a Yellow Toyota taxi inside a hole full of steel rods. The taxi had fallen into the hole face down, multiple steel rods had punctured into the vehicle through the windshield. The hole was built to be used as a water tank for the train line and was about 4 meters deep. 


Kanong 36 years old the taxi driver stated that he had just picked up a female passenger from Mochit Station and was heading to Chaeng Watthana 14. He was driving in the middle lane on the 3 lane road when he noticed a log in the middle of the road. Kanong immediately avoided the log and switched to the right lane. This was when he lost control of the car at about 50 meters from the construction site. The car started going left and right, Kanong informed the passenger to prepare for impact because an accident was about to happen. The taxi ran into a traffic barrier before bouncing into the hole. 


It is truly a miracle as the taxi was being held up by multiple steel rods but both Kanong and the passenger only suffered very minor injuries. The steel rods were powerful enough to hold the vehicle, there is no doubt that these steel rods could have easily gone through both of them. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption:  Kanong informed the passenger to prepare for impact because an accident was about to happen.


Source: Sanook, INN News