Runner claims bottled water was poisoned

A runner claims that his water bottle was poisoned after handing the bottle over to the police. Professor Jessada Denduangboripant from the Faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University offered his opinions on the case stating that the story seems suspicious and no summaries should be made until test results come out. The Sanook News team went to the public park across from the Nonthaburi Municipal at 18.00 on 23 June 2020. This is the park that Virot 42 years old, a TV show producer was running at when he claims someone poisoned his water bottle. Virot stated that when he returned to the bottle he noticed that the water tasted weird. He went to visit a friend and started to have chest pains. Virot realized that there was a hole in the bottle. 




Credit: Sanook


Sajisunee 50 years old is the woman who sold the bottled water to Virot. The seller states that the water was not tainted when she handed the bottle to Virot. She remembers Virot as he regularly buys water from her. Sujisunee also warns runners to avoid leaving the bottle alone on a run. Charoenwan 37 years old a frequent runner at the same park stated that she was shocked to hear the news but isn’t afraid to continue running at the park. There are many runners and if anyone gets injured others will often come in to help. The runner is confident that the municipal knows how to prevent incidents like this from happening. 


Credit: Sanook


Kittinop 35 years old the victim’s friend stated that Virot runs at the park every day after work from 19.00-21.00. On the day of the incident, he drove back to the office to meet with friends but suddenly became ill. They delivered him to a hospital but doctors have not confirmed the cause of the sickness. Virot is confident that the water was poisoned as he found a hole in the bottle, similar to a needle puncture hole. Bunjarn 45 years the security guard stated in 10 years he has never seen someone get poisoned at the park. There are about 50-100 runners who come to the park after work on Mon-Fri and 100-200 runners on Sat-Sun. 

Prof. Jessada posted on his Facebook “A news reporter just called me about the runner and what the poison could be. I told him that the story seemed suspicious because no one has been poisoned in this manner at the park before. The victim was not robbed or attacked, so in this case, it is best to wait for the test results and the blood test results. It is also unusual because a Singha water bottle is filled up to the top, it’s pretty hard to puncture the bottleneck. If there was a hole why didn’t any water spill out while he was drinking it?”. 


FB Caption: The runner started having chest pains and was delivered to the hospital after drinking the water. He later spotted a hole in the bottled water. 


Source: Sanook