Teacher in hot water for caning students 100 to 300 times

THE mother of an 8th grade student at a famous secondary school in northeastern Buriram province has filed a complaint against a male health and sports teacher who caned almost the whole class 100 to 300 times plus shared pornographic material with students and asked to have sex with one of them, Thai News Agency reported today (Nov. 15).

Mrs Kanyaphat (suname withheld), 33, the mother of the 8th grade student submitted pornographic material which this teacher had shared by Line with the students including photos of students’ bruises to the school’s director and asked that action be taken against him.

The latest beatings took place last Friday when this teacher caned almost the whole class 100 to 300 times for small wrongs such as not wrapping textbooks or forgetting to bring textbooks to school.

Mrs Kanyaphat said she did not know her daughter was harassed this way because she lived overseas with her husband and only occasionally returned home with her daughter living with her grandmother.

However upon finding out she took action. Parents of other students said they too knew this teacher had severely beaten their children but dared not complain because they feared retaliation.

The director has set up a committee to investigate the teacher and if found guilty of wrongdoing he will be reported to higher authorities.

Thai News Agency reporters tried to contact the teacher but he refused to talk to them.


Top: The mother of the 8th grader who was badly caned filing a complaint against the male teacher. Photo: Thai News Agency