Teenager drowns on road turned into a river

AN 18-year-old teenager was pulled by flood torrents into deeply inundated fields and drowned there after losing strength with this being the 12th flood fatality in central Phichit province, INN News reported today (Oct. 25).

Police at Sam  Ngam police station in Phichit were alerted that someone had drowned on the heavily flooded Sam Ngam-Kham Phaeng Din road where lots of people including teenagers had come to play and swim in the water.

A radio alert was sent out to help find the teenager’s body and this province’s Por Tek Tung Foundation as well as Phisanulok province’s Prasart Boon Sathan Foundation sent divers who succeeded in doing so.

The teenager was later identified as Mr Phakawat Chansri, 18, a resident of this subdistrict. He had driven to this road which has now turned into a river with a big group of friends and as they were swimming there the strong currents pulled him away.

This death takes the number of people who have died in this province during the current heavy flooding to 12.


Top: The road in Phichit which has turned into a river and is where the teenager drowned.  Photo: INN News