THAI captains in show of support for pilots being investigated

THE upheaval over 4 Thai Airways International (THAI) pilots deadheading from Zurich to Bangkok on  October 11 delaying the flight by over 2 hours after not getting the seats they wanted and now facing an investigation has led to their colleagues moving to show support for them today (October 22, 2018) by going to the airline’s office, the Thai-language daily  Matichon reported.

THAI’s TG 971 flight from Zurich to Bangkok only took off after a couple who had been upgraded from business to first class agreed to move to new seats and gave the ones they had occupied to 2 of the 4 pilots.

The seating problem led to over 2 hours delay and THAI has come out to apologize and has set up a committee to investigate the incident.

However sources in the airline said at 1 p.m. today a group of 40 to 50 THAI pilots and captains out of around 1,200 will be going to the head office on Viphawadi Rangsit road in a show of force and support for the 4 pilots being investigated.

More could not join them because most are flying airplanes with only those free from their duties able to do so.

Earlier Sumet Damrongchaitham, the airline’s president, said he is waiting for the result of the investigation before giving an explanation about the incident.

He is trying to get the result as soon as possible, with the initial target being 1 week, but there could be a delay because many people were involved and some of them had to fly to Bangkok to give their statement.


Top: Some THAI airplanes parked at the airport. Thai-language headlines says, “Urgent! Captains rally to give support to 4 pilots.” Photo: Matichon