Thoughtless parent puts child at risk

A DEPLORABLE video clip showing a woman picking up a young boy from a school in Samut Songkram province and letting him use both hands to eat food while riding pillion on her motorcycle has raised concerns about safety issues, the Thai-language Matichon newspaper reported today (Dec. 27).

The video clip, recorded by a camera in the front of a car, shows the child, who is not wearing a helmet, holding a bowl with what appears to be instant noodles in his left hand and using his right hand to eat it, without holding onto the motorbike or the woman driving it, who appears to be his mother.

The motorcycle weaved through the traffic from the school in Mueang district of Samut Songkhram, to the southwest of Bangkok, and was heading towards Mae Klong subdistrict.

Pol. Col. Wongwarit Khruthong, the head of traffic police in Samut Songkhram, said this child was not wearing a helmet and was only interested in eating, not bothering to hold the motorcycle, and this puts him in danger if another vehicle had hit the motorbike, or if in going fast he fell.

This is a warning to parents to take better care of their children, they should wear a helmet and hold the waist of the driver for safety, he said, adding not wearing a bike entails 500 baht fine in this province


Top: The young boy enjoying eating on a motorbike as the driver zooms ahead. Photo: Matichon