Traders file complaint over Milo Cube fraud

VICTIMS of an online fraud filed an complaint with the Crime Suppression Division police today (May 29) after being duped into ordering regionally popular Milo Cube snack via a Facebook page and collectively losing over 5 million baht, Thai News Agency said.

Ms Prephichanan Aphinyawongsakorn, one of the victims, said on May 7 this year she ordered a hundred crates of Milo Cubes at 3,720 baht each from a Facebook page under the name “Spoon Poonlada” whose real name in her ID card is Poonlada Changmanee and transferred around 50% of the total, that is 204,600 baht, to her Kasikorn Bank account.

Milo Cubes

However she did not receive the goods and when asked Ms Poonlada allegedly dodged by saying there was a problem importing the fad snack before moving to open another Facebook account selling the same product.

Ms Prephichanan accused Ms Poonlada of opening and closing many Facebook pages over the past month.

Ms Prephichanan said she then set up a Line group for victims to link up and got together with around 20 others, some of whom came with her to file in the complaint in Bangkok but others did so in their province, and all lost between 4,000 – 370,000 baht each.

That she ordered this large consignment of Milo Cubes, which was being sold at half the market price, is because she had previously ordered a smaller lot of 11 crates and received them on time.

She added that the vendor said her boyfriend is a naval officer who could get the goods in easily from Nigeria.


Top: The Milo Cube fraud victims outside the Crime Suppression Division police today. Photo: Thai News  Agency

Inset: Cute Milo Cube snack are all the rage in this region right now. Photo: Facebook via AsiaOne


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