Tropical storm Podul to affect Thailand

A tropical storm gaining strength over the South China Sea is expected to shower Thailand over the weekend, the Meteorological Department announced today (29 August 2019).

Tropical storm Podul will affect the northern and northeastern regions, while southwestern monsoon winds from the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand will shower everything except those two regions.

Until Monday (2 Sept 2019), Bangkok along with northern, northeastern and southern provinces along the Andaman Sea will see an 80 percent chance of rain. Eastern provinces should see a 70 percent chance, and the central and southern provinces along the Gulf of Thailand will see a 60 percent chance of rain.

Last Tuesday (27 August 2019), Podul swept across Luzon in the Philippines and regained strength in the South China Sea.

The storm will weaken over the weekend and is expected to skirt the northern and northeastern regions of Thailand, bringing rain.

People living along the Andaman Sea coast should be careful, as waves could reach up to 3 meters high during the week.

Previously drought-stricken areas in the north, northeast, and central provinces could experience flash floods.